The Silent Majority Is Being Heard – Let’s Be Louder

The tide appears to be changing as the voices of the silent majority are finally being recognized in Washington. I have been repeatedly and emphatically expressing my concern that the needs of physicians—particularly high-performance physicians—are being ignored as the government attempts to encourage EHR adoption.

  • Last week, Gayle Harrell, an HIT Policy Committee member, made many of the same points that I have been making, as the Committee reviewed the initial set of recommendations on “Meaningful Use” and considered EHR certification. (Read the highlights in the post below, Finally, A Voice of Reason!)
  • In recent months, many of you have been speaking out on Straight Talk and other blogs. To the question asked in last week’s poll—is the government putting too much of a burden on physicians?—a resounding 90% of respondents answered “Yes.”
  • Physicians are voting with their pocketbooks, continuing to base their EMR purchase decisions on the best way to help their practices deliver the highest quality care in the most efficient manner, rather than on the promise of potential government incentives.
  • Even CCHIT (Commission for Certification of Healthcare Information Technology) has acknowledged these and other voices of reason. Just recently, CCHIT backed down on its all-or-nothing stance and proposed broadening its certification program to include alternative paths to EMR certification.

Comments like those of Dr. Boss (below) attest to the value of alternative, innovative solutions, such as the hybrid EMR, and to the importance of including them in the government’s plans for widespread EHR adoption:

“The best EHR system out there without a shadow of a doubt is SRS, even though it is not yet CCHIT certified. It is cost effective, user friendly to those of us who are not computer ‘geeks,’ and the company is extremely responsive to any needs of ours that arise. If the entire country was on SRS, a lot of our current difficulties would go away.”

Richard S. Boss, M.D.
Pine Medical Group, Fremont, MI
20-Physician Multi-Specialty Group

We will be sending you an e-mail tomorrow, giving you the opportunity to join us and have your voice heard before the final decisions are made in Washington.

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  1. I will refuse to adopt my practices to a computer program that does not expedite and financially conserve my practice.
    Go ahead and penalize me, Sir President Obama.

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