Test Your Meaningful Use IQ

Meaningful Use IQ TestNow that the EHR incentive program has officially begun, physicians and practice managers are taking a closer look at the meaningful use requirements and the rules for participation. At my company, we have been fielding an increasing number of questions about meaningful use, and it is clear that the complexity of the regulations has created a fair amount of confusion.

See how well you understand meaningful use. Challenge yourself: Check your knowledge by taking this quiz, and learn some important information in the process. Comments are welcome.

7 thoughts on “Test Your Meaningful Use IQ

  1. I know zero about MU requirements but took the quiz for fun and scored 100% by choosing, what I thought, were the most logical answers. I guess that says something….MU requirements are so confusing that those who are so-called ‘experts’ or those who are supposed to know the requirements are just as confused as everyone else.

  2. I have started with reading, attending Webcast and analyzing the meaningful use data available. I thought I was ready, but I need do more study.

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