EMR Straight Talk’s 2nd Birthday—Over 100,000 Views and Counting

Thank you for making EMR Straight Talk the success that it is today. I was very enthusiastic when I started writing this blog, and am even more so now, having watched it grow and having had the opportunity to personally engage with a number of readers. Your support and ongoing interest are truly appreciated.

EMR Straight Talk was launched exactly two years ago today—February 17, 2009—at precisely the moment that President Obama launched the EHR incentive program. I vividly recall sitting in my office watching the news coverage of the fanfare surrounding the president’s signing of the Stimulus Plan (the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act). As he put his pen to paper, I pushed the “Send” button for the first post.

A lot has transpired since then, and EMR Straight Talk’s readership has boomed. Recently it surpassed 100,000 views, with a single-day traffic milestone of 1,197 readers on February 4, capping a record-breaking week that had 2,072 readers.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts and hearing comments from readers, whether or not they agree with me. It is particularly rewarding to find EMR Straight Talk posts referred to—and the conversation continued—in other industry blogs such as HIStalk, EMR and HIPAA, Health Data Management, and FierceHealth IT, to name a few. What that says to me is that the blog addresses issues of concern to a wide audience, offers a fresh perspective on these issues, and provides educational content that my readers seek.

Last year, I was identified as one of the “disruptive forces in healthcare,” a badge that I wear proudly. I like to think that EMR Straight Talk was responsible—at least indirectly—for stimulating conversation with the government that changed the playing field for physicians, and particularly for specialists.

I look forward to continuing the dialogue with you and welcome your suggestions of topics that you would like me to discuss in future posts.