Exciting Transitions are Underway at SRS and EMR Straight Talk

passing batonAfter 17 years as the founder and CEO of SRS, I am transitioning to the role of Senior Advisor. I am extremely proud of the position that SRS has come to occupy in the healthcare technology industry, and as I hand the company reins over to Scott Ciccarelli, a seasoned executive with extensive healthcare experience, I am confident that SRS will continue to make its mark.

Writing the EMR Straight Talk blog has been one of my passions since its launch on February 17, 2009, as President Obama signed the Economic Stimulus Package making “meaningful use” a household term. The purpose of the blog has always been to educate readers and to stimulate critical thinking about the issues that impact physicians, so the number and intensity of comments from readers has been particularly rewarding.

For more information about the transition at SRS, read today’s press release. I hope you will continue to read EMR Straight Talk as the blog undergoes its own transition.

Thank you for reading.

Best wishes for your continued success,

Evan Steele


4 thoughts on “Exciting Transitions are Underway at SRS and EMR Straight Talk

  1. It has been a pleasure working with you as the CEO and I know that you wouldn’t turn the company over to anyone that you didn’t have explicit trust in because of your love for SRS and your clients. I am sure that you will still be making a big contribution to the future of SRS and I wish you all the best in your transition.

  2. Evan,
    You’ve been a joy to read and a pleasure to know. I hope your voice will not be wholly lost to the land of HIT blogdom. My very best wishes as you transition to your next path!

  3. Evan,

    We have been using SRSsoft now for almost 15 years. I recall in detail how we met at an ophthalmology conference in San Diego when your software was in it’s fledgling state. At the time I was amazed by the speed of scanning, retrieving and organizing the sample office charts you had at the booth. Compelled by the technology, I arranged to visit your basement office in the upper West Side in NYC some weeks later. We thought your product was a winner and we went with it. History has shown it to be a true success as your company’s dynamic growth has testified.

    I worked as a software intern at Stanford University in 1981 doing coding for oncology software. The mantra then was that software had to make things better and faster for doctors – if not, then they would resist using it. As we all know, not all software hits that mark. In fact, most EHR systems now are far off the mark. Using a hybrid of writing and scanning has allowed SRS to make our lives better and faster. We see more patients more easily and with greater freedom than we could have ever done with traditional or current EHR systems.

    Thank you for pioneering SRSsoft. It is one of the best tools we have incorporated in the past 16 years. And, with over 30,000 patients in our database, it has proven itself time and again.

    Marc Safran, MD
    Clay Eye Center
    Syracuse, NY

  4. Evan,

    Your leadership of SRS has been very impressive over the years. Your connection with your customer is award winning. Congratulations.

    Joe Del Giorgio, CEO
    Flagstaff Bone and Joint
    W/ SRS since 2010

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