My First 15 Days as CEO

Turning a new pageI’m Scott Ciccarelli, the new CEO at SRS. Although EMR Straight Talk is industry-focused—not about SRS—in my first blog post I thought I would tell you a bit about my SRS experience so far—I can sum it up in three letters: ETP.

The “eager to please” culture permeates everything at SRS. Each individual I’ve had the pleasure to meet so far is bursting with dedication and a relentless desire to help—each other, our clients, and me. What a support network, where every desk is literally a help desk!

This commitment to ETP is the reason SRS has the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry; however, we realize that we cannot rest on yesterday’s success. Like all industry vendors, we work in an ever-changing and uncertain landscape, making use of rapidly developing—and sometimes unpredictable—technologies to cope with the onslaught of government regulations. The challenge for every vendor is to develop products that not only satisfy the government requirements, but also meet the clients’ needs for flexible and efficient solutions. SRS remains dedicated to this goal. If there is anything that sets SRS apart, it is our understanding that even for IT companies, it ultimately all comes down to people—after all, technology is created by people, and it should serve the people who use it. So, let me tell you a little bit about the people who are leading the charge at SRS:

  • Bob Harmonay, our COO, has an unrivaled passion for exceeding client expectations that inspires his team daily—and that is largely responsible for our Best in KLAS customer service and support ratings.
  • Joe Flynn, SVP of Sales & Marketing, champions communication as the path to growth—for SRS and for each of our clients, whom he and his account team ensure are informed and prepared to reach their practice goals.
  • Lynn Scheps, VP of Government Affairs & Consulting Services, is a leading resource on meaningful use and other government initiatives. She represents physicians’ interests with government officials and develops strategies to help practices respond effectively to the ever-evolving demands of government programs.
  • Jack Walsh, EVP of Strategy & Business Development, is responsible for strategic planning, building and nurturing partner relationships, and evaluating opportunities for enhancement of our product platform.
  • Peter Bennfors, our CFO, oversees all financial activities, from accounting to regulatory compliance. His experienced hand at the helm ensures that SRS will stay financially seaworthy and able to weather storms for many years to come.

I am truly grateful to have such a powerful leadership team in place. I look forward to adding my 20 years of Fortune 500 and HCIT experience to the mix and finding new ways to achieve our goal: helping physicians and other professionals provide the very best healthcare.

Please check back here every couple of weeks—or subscribe in order to receive new blog notifications—for no-holds-barred discussions about industry issues, company insights, and ways to keep making things better. I’ll also be featuring some very special guest bloggers, starting with the next blog post on August 1!

I’d like to thank everyone who has already made me proud to be part of SRS. Now I look forward to meeting and hearing from all of you readers. Tell me what you want to hear about. I’m all (ETP) ears.


Scott Ciccarelli

Scott Ciccarelli

CEO at SRS Health
Scott Ciccarelli, Chief Executive Officer at SRS, has more than 20 years of diverse management and operations experience garnered as a senior executive at GE, where he headed two of the company’s businesses—most recently, GE Healthcare’s Services, Ambulatory and Revenue Cycle Solutions. His areas of expertise include business strategy, leadership development, operational rigor (Lean Six Sigma), and the delivery of enhanced value for customers through quality improvement and innovation.
Scott Ciccarelli

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6 thoughts on “My First 15 Days as CEO

  1. Welcome to the EHR blogosphere. I love your passion and enthusiasm for your team. I look forward to seeing where you take SRS.

  2. Welcome to SRS Scott! Just want to tell you how happy we our to hear those words “Eager to please! ” This is something we strive for everyday in our practice and it seems you don’t hear those words often enough. We are going through our 120 day implementation to SRS PM and are thrilled with the cooperation we have received with your team! More specifically Karen Lands and her training ability are beyond my comprehension! She has the patience of a saint! Best wishes in your new role.

  3. Thanks for the update. Look forward to meeting you in person. Stefan, Blue Ridge Bone & Joint, CEO.

  4. I am an OB/Gyn at the end of my career….been through 2 systems……such a bad experience back to paper…high volume…common experience among my colleagues
    your company demonstrated your product and it looked excellent and my staff was very impressed. .Considering going on my own to end practice in about 5 years…..SRS would be my choice for all the right reasons not just for compliance….
    Surprised you don’t have a physician on the TEAM …..
    Stan ShoemakerMD

  5. Thank you all for the kind words. I’m looking forward to the opportunities ahead and hope to meet many of you in person soon.

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